More Ways to Keep in Touch

"HOW ARE YOU" HOOTENANNY Fridays at 7:00 pm

CLICK HERE to join the Hootenanny.  General check-in, plus we're currently talking about what it would take to feel comfortable meeting in person again in the future.

BOOK STUDY Wednesdays at 7:00

CLICK HERE to join the Book Study. Password is 961697. Sponsored by Spiritual Center for Intentional Living. Everyone is welcome! Currently studying The Art of Uncertainty by Dennis Merritt Jones. 

JOY OF JOURNALLING Every Other Saturday 10:30 to 12:00

CLICK HERE to join the Journal Group. See our calendar for the next meeting.  Led by Sue Meyn, an experienced journal group leader. Open to all! Bring paper, pen and an open heart.

Welcome Home...


We Believe...

  • God Is The One Power And One Presence Active In Our Lives
  • In The Original Blessing Not The Original Sin
  • We Create Our World Through Our Thoughts, Deeds, Words and Actions
  • In The Power Of Prayer and Meditation
  • We Are Spiritual Beings Having Human Experiences

Dedicated to transforming lives by empowering individuals to discover God's spirit within.

Inspiring Messages

Unity of Flagstaff is a loving spiritual community welcoming all people and honoring all paths to God. We offer uplifting messages that allow people to discover God's spirit within. 


Community Connection


Unity of Flagstaff enjoys collaborating and participating in many events offered by local Spiritual Communities and other Community Groups.

We Practice and Celebrate Diversity!


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